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  • , come check it out for yourself it's a wonderful Church you enjoy the service and the preacher Pastor Rose Bank

    Added May 08, 2017 by Keith Dunbar
  • Colorado Springs Fellowship Church has changed my life. A big part of my life was spent abusing drugs and alcohol. Because of the prayers and words of encouragement from this pastor, the Lord has truly delivered me. I will always be grateful for what she has done for me and I know if it not been for her standing in the gap for my life I would certainly be dead by now. Under the tutelage of this pastor the Lord has completed turned my life around. I am now a minister and a University professor. Pastor Rose is a real pastor who truly loves people and most of all she leads by example .She has always been open and honest with me, letting me know the truth that has and continues to transform my life for the better. Her love for the people in the church and people outside the church walls knows no bounds. I am convinced of the fact that she believes that love is an action word and that it is not true love unless it is demonstrated. I have been a member for over 25 years and during this time, I have seen her reach out to men , women, families, and organizations demonstrating the love of God by paying rents, buying cars for people who needed transportation, helping the homeless with food ,money and words of encouragement. She showed love to me and my family time and time again by helping my wife and I during good times and especially the hard times. Every year she leads out in reaching out to help disadvantaged students with school supplies. During the holidays she leads out in reaching out in love to families who otherwise would not be able to enjoy Christmas due to lack of resources. She is the personification of the Scripture in the bible that says “It is more blessed to give that to receive”. She has lead out in reaching out to military members and their families by honoring them every month and especially during the holidays. She has an inexhaustible love for people. It does not matter who they are or where they comes from, she loves them with all her heart.

    Added November 10, 2016 by brantley1961
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    All the 5 star ratings are from members. I think they believe Rose Banks is either a vessel to God or they possibly believe she is God. If you do decide to visit this place pay close attention. Watch how the members go crazy when she walks in. Like she is God in the flesh. Real talk. The FEMALE JIM JONES.
    I was wrapped up in this CULT for 6 months.
    Rose Banks has a way of getting in your head. Making you feel she is the only way to heaven. She will slowly separate you from friends and family. You will be at her church a minimum of 3 services a week and you will find yourself giving her money each service. They write All there own hymns and don't allow anyone to join the choir or attend meetings.
    The way these members attack you for your opinions is a direct reflection on there God Rose Banks. But don't take my word or the word of others. See for yourself....if you dare

    Added October 21, 2016 by 719beauty
  • WOW !! I've been to a lot of churches in Colorado Springs, from Fountain to Chapel Hills area & this church is in another league. I saw a review saying, "they write all their own hymns," that's hilarious to me because I enjoyed the music so much - I looked the songs up on YouTube, to hear them during the week. All the songs exist, they just don't sound half as good on the Internet as they do live - in person. Honestly, their band is the best I've ever heard live & I seen some pretty good worldly groups live back in the 80's. The church choir didn't write, "It's not enough" or "best in me" & I've never heard anyone claim (besides the person that wrote the review saying so) that it's a hymn they wrote. They just happen to sing it better & w/more spirit than I've heard anybody else do IMHO. To think, because they're that good, that they must have invented the songs is a testament to how good they are. I seen (from the outside) the church changing lives of people for the better, so much so that I had to attend to see for myself. Like I said about the music being top notch, the preaching is even better. I'm old school, I've seen & heard some good ones but Pastor Rose is the best I've ever seen or heard. I'm no "cult" member or follower but if I'm to be called such colorful adjectives for wanting to hear the truth, so be it, it's so worth it to hear the blunt truth w/no sugar coating straight from the scriptures. I see people saying "the good reviews are from church members." Just curious, who do they think the people writing the bad reviews are ? Think for a second - really. Honestly, when I first started attending, I was looking for flaws - I was sure I'd find some dirt (I have w/every other church I've been to)but, unless all these brothers & sisters are praising God in a righteous way from the second I walk in the doors till the second I walk out of them in some kind of diabolical plot to trick me - by not asking me or my family members for anything other than to worship God, LOL, then trick me till kingdom comes...

    Added September 26, 2016 by ILLEGAL ALIEN
  • I have been attending this church for awhile and I am so grateful for the teachings that I have received here.I am starting college this upcoming fall semester. Growing up in todays world it is difficult to find what it really means to serve the Lord, what are good values,and what is right and wrong but, at this church I only get the truth and everything I need to be successful. When you see the members of this church it is truly amazing because all they do is love and it just brings joy to my heart. The church is under the leadership of an amazing, strong, pastor, Ms. Rose, who will never lead anyone down the wrong road. I am so glad I can be apart of a church who stands by their word about being the loving kindness church.

    Added September 03, 2016 by Ariana Jackson
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